Bespoke Fintech Software Solution Providers

Skybolt’s software engineers and payment specialists carry the innovative expertise to design, develop and deliver disruptive innovation and technology. With extensive experience within the payment landscape, Skybolt has deployed various payment and technology platforms, both nationally and internationally.

Skybolt has become market leaders in the payment and authentication technology industries.

About our Company

Founded in 2019, Skybolt is a proudly South African company with BEE Level 1 certification, who have effectively established their footprint in the market. With more than 50 years collective experience in the financial and software development sector, we are well-equipped with the knowledge, expertise and experience to service both small and large corporations.


The Life Cycle of our Software


Creative process / Discovery




Staging and Deployment

Support and Maintenance


Skybolt’s extensive experience has positioned us on the forefront of the industry. We have developed numerous financial inclusion platforms, which have contributed significantly to the success of our clients businesses.

Using innovative technology, we ensure that every aspect of your platform operates seamlessly. These software solutions, tailor-made to your requirements, are highly scalable with minimal integration requirements.

Our services include the design, development, deployment and maintenance of:

  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • PC Application Solutions
  • Verification and Authentication Solutions
  • Payment Solutions


We create bespoke software solutions that can be licensed across every industry.

We have developed and deployed technologies in various industries which include,
but are not limited to:

  • Fintech
    • Banking Sector
    • Financial Inclusion
  • Retail
  • Commerce


As trusted specialists within the industry, our expertise is in developing Host Mainframe, Server as well as Mobile Application Products. We tailor packages which suit your business’ budget, successfully delivering a product on time, with seamless functionality.

Some of our technologies include:

  • Mobile Development
    • iOS
    • Android


Host Mainframe

  • Java
  • .Net
  • C
  • Swagger
  • JSON
  • Cross Platform Orchestration
  • Database
    • SQL
    • SQLite
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Mongo
    • Elastic
  • Integration


With a proven track record, Skybolt’s clients are completely at ease.

We have extensive experience in data management and customized enterprise software, offering everything from bespoke software solutions to a complete digital transformation of your business.

Our service offering includes:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Startup Development
  • Existing Software Maintenance
  • Architectural Design
  • Technology Consultation
  • Software Testing

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